Eco Warriors 23-24!

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to raise awareness of environmental issues in our school and local area.



  • To begin the session we looked at a small educational video on recycling.
  • Pupils discussed the areas of development for the year; the pupils were keen on re-visiting the action of recycling as they feel that it is a problem within the school. They felt that they see a lot of plastic – we discussed the effectiveness of the bins we have, and the next steps for recycling as all classes have the appropriate bins.
  • We discussed the possibility of becoming involved in the Rags 2 Riches scheme this year, as it has been successful in the past.
  • The pupils felt that the first step would be a data collection of the bins around the school and would there be a need for any further bins for the outdoors.


  • Data collection of the bins in the outdoors was taken by the groups of children a tally was made and the results produced.
  • The children discussed that in some areas: e.g. near the Llanerch gate, the stage area and towards the back of the junior yard there were no bins available for the children to use. We discussed that there are a lot in the remainder of the yard, but they felt that pupils can be lazy and drop their litter because they ‘cant be bothered’ to find a bin.
  • The pupils however felt that the Infant areas had sufficient bins.


  • Pupils have decided they would like to focus on recycling bins.
  • Y6 would like to hold an assembly to explain what each bin is used for.
  • They have emailed Mrs Norman to request.
  • Suggestion for eco monitors on a rota basis.
  • Ideas from pupils:
  • Use different languages on bins such as Welsh and French (CE)
  • Put posters around the school to remind children how to use the bins (MO)
  • Speech bubbles on bins e.g ‘I like eating fruit waste’ etc.
  • Email Swansea Council to ask for extra litter picking equipment (LT)
  • MO showed the children a bird feeder that a parent had made for the school. They will decide by next time where to place it.


  • The group continued to produce the posters for recycling.
  • Year 6 presented an idea for a further action for the summer term.
  • They would like to develop a garden both for bees and for some self-sufficient growing.
  • They have already written letters to some garden centres and have been sent seeds.
  • Discussed having an after school Eco club or lunchtime.


  • All posters for Recycling completed.