Healthy Heroes 23-24! 

Mission Statement

We are the Healthy Heroes, and our purpose is to encourage and promote awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Aims:

  • To share ideas and strategies, linked to Mental and Emotional Health.
  • To lead local and National initiatives and events in our school, linked to Health & Well-being.
  • To take part in the Super Ambassadors Scheme, ensuring that children’s rights are promoted in our school.
  • To develop our Playground Buddy system.
  • To encourage healthy eating and drinking choices.
  • To encourage and promote physical participation during playtimes (sports ambassadors)

Meeting Notes:

Week 1- 15.09.22 

  • Register taken.
  • First meeting ‘welcome’. 
  • Talked about the purpose of the group and the main areas that we will be focusing on – physical, nutrition, social, emotional.
  • Brief discussion on our aims for the year – what do we want to achieve/improve? Further discussion on this over the coming weeks. 
  • Chair, vice and secretary voted in (TR, EH & AB) 
  • Focus on Playground Buddies / Buddy bench next meeting. 

Week 2- 22.09.22 

  • Taking the register.
  • Presentation by AH.
  • Focused on playground buddies and Buddie bench. Role of playground buddies – completed on chrome books – continue next week. 
  • Buddy Bench poster completed on paper – to finish next week. 
  • AW  and AT super ambassadors. Discussion with Mr. Hanford about their role. 

Week 3- 29.09.22 

  • Taking the register.
  • Presentation by TR- working groups for future meeting 
  • Each class will get a buddy bench poster.

Week 4- 06.10.22: 

  • No meeting due to class photographs. 
  • Throughout the week, Year 5 & 6 representatives made Green Awareness Ribbons for staff to wear on World Mental Health Day.  
  • Posters were also put up around the school and in every class.  
  • Whole school World Mental Health Day assembly on 10.10.22 

Week 5- 13.10.22: 

  • No meeting due to staff illness/absences.  

Week 6- 18.10.22: 

  • Register taken.
  • Familiarised ourselves with the Heathy Heroes display board in the hall. 
  • Looked at the different sections and discussed what we needed to update / change. 
  • Decided we need up to date photos of our Healthy Heroes and update our aims and actions for the year. 
  • Updated the Fitness Challenge and Mindfulness challenge sections of the board, with pupils suggesting ideas for each. TR wrote the ideas onto the relevant sections. 

Week 7- 27.10.22: 

  • Register taken.
  • Feedback from super ambassadors AW & AT – healthy eating 
  • Feedback from sports ambassadors – BB & MS. They are going to bring their book of playground games to next meeting so we can have a look at some ideas for the yard. 
  • Presentation by AH. Discussed what was left to do e.g. posters. 
  • TR  took photos of everyone for our Healthy Heroes display board in the hall. 

14.11.22: Anti-Bullying Assembly 

  • Healthy Heroes presented Anti Bullying assembly to the whole school. Theme was ‘Reach Out’.  
  • All members of HH stood out the front, with representatives from Years 4, 5 and 6 speaking. 
  • Also showed the school the HH display and encouraged them to use it to find out strategies and receive information about health and wellbeing.   

17.11.22: Meeting 7 (longer meeting)

  • Presentation by AH. Discussed children in need and our tasks today. 
  • Everyone went into their working groups and completed the following activities – Pudsey Posters were put up around the school, Pudsey Badges were made and laminated, Pudsey competitions were given out and Pudsey bunting was coloured in ready to put up tomorrow. 
  • Chair and vice chair (AH & TR) wrote and sent an email to parents reminding them about Pudsey day, e.g., money for toast, badges, competition, donation and non-school uniform day. 


12.01.23: Meeting 1 

  • Welcome back after the holidays and a brief discussion about our aims. 
  • Discussed MySelfie Questionnaire – Leadership Question. 
  • Went into our working groups and Yr 6’s asked 3 questions about leadership and wrote down their group’s answers. 
  • Suggestions will be looked at and we will decide in our group and with Mrs. Norman how we can involve more children in leadership roles in the school. 

19.01.23: Meeting 2 

  • Register – absent KJ, BA (Yr3) OB (rec) 
  • Yr 5 and Yr 6 members went with Michele for Red Cap training. After the training, the children came up with some tips on how to resolve conflict when on the yard. This information will be added to the Red Cap Handbook for future Red Caps.  
  • AH disseminated the training she received to the rest of the Yr 6 Red Caps and shared the tips for resolving conflict. The Red Caps will continue to receive training ‘on the job’ while they are out on duty, who will be shadowed by Michele. 
  • Yr 4, Yr 3, Yr 2, Yr 1 and Reception members split into groups and carried on their discussions from last week and made a list of things they were good at and came up with some ideas of how these skills could be turned into a leadership role. 

02.02.23: Meeting 3 (Longer Meeting) 

  • Presentation by AH – Children’s Mental Health Week. 
  • We watched the ‘Lets connect’ video. 
  • Design a poster for children’s mental health week. Finished posters to be put up around the school. 
  • AW & AT went with Mr. Hanford to look at the Super Ambassador mission and updated their section of the Healthy Heroes display board. 

16.02.23 Meeting 4 

  • Provision Questionnaire – completed by all pupil voice groups. 
  • Yr 6’s updated the playground buddy section of the Healthy Hero display board in the hall. 
  • Super Ambassadors (AW & A) met with Mr. Hanford to discuss this term’s special mission. They sent an email to all staff telling them what the mission was and resources for them to use in class. 

02.03.23 Meeting 

  • No meeting due to industrial strike action.