Welsh Week in Dosbarth Beech

What a busy week we have had in Dosbarth Beech! This week has been Welsh Week in school, and all classes have been busy using their creative skills based on their class Welsh myth. In Dosbarth beech, we learned about Yr Afanc; a scary water creature who caused lots of trouble for villagers in North Wales. The children completed lots of activities based on the myth, including writing instructions to help the villagers catch the creature and move him to a new lake. They also created beautiful Afanc watercolour paintings, where they visualised what the creature could have looked like. The film ‘The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up’ was based on the Afanc myth, and we looked closely at how the film was made, focusing on the 3Cs and 3Ss (colour, character, camera, sound, setting and story). The children enjoyed discussing the film in small groups and could see that there was a clear message in it about sustainability and being eco-friendly. They then made some fantastic digital ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ posters to encourage people to stop polluting our Earth and to look after out environment; the Afanc was very cross in the film because his lake was polluted with rubbish. In mission time the children completed lots of independent learning tasks, including creating model Afancs, composing lullabies to send the Afanc to sleep and researching other myths. What a fantastic week we have had!

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