World Book Day in Dosbarth Ash

This week Dosbarth Ash have been reading the poem ’Nature Trail’ by Benjamin Zephaniah.

The children began the day learning about Benjamin Zephaniah, where he lived what he did as a child and how he read his first poem at the age of 10 to a big audience!

Using the Nature Trail as inspiration the children wrote their own poems using amazing adjectives! They also worked together in a group to find interesting adjectives in the poem itself.

After all of that hard work the children didn’t stop… off they went outside on their own Nature Trail.

The children also used the book as inspiration to make their own bug boxes

Dosbarth Ash were very lucky to have Claire work with us, she told us an amazing story of creating planet! She set us a drama challenge… ’ could we make a planet too?’

Take a look at our pictures….

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