What a fantastic day we have had in Year 3 celebrating World Book Day. We have been studying the author Roald Dahl and the children have enjoyed taking part in a range of different activities.

This morning, the children were put in pairs to solve a variety of Roald Dahl themed maths challenges. They were required to work out questions such as, “James’ 9cm peach doubles in size every 30 seconds. How big will it be after 5 minutes?” They all thoroughly enjoyed putting their maths skills to good use to help them solve the different problems.

For English, we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussed how Roald Dahl’s wonderful descriptions help us to build very clear pictures of his characters in our minds. The children were then transported to Willy Wonka’s invention room where they designed their very own sweet – this made us all hungry! The inventions included Rainbow Explosion and Awesome Ice-Cream Canon. Ardderchog Year 3!

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