Happy New Year – Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Year 4 have had a fantastic first week back – read on for some of our activities, and to find out more about our monthly reading challenge.

Robots and Electronics

We kicked off our new topic “Robots” this week with some exploratory science work looking at how circuits work. This included figuring out how to make light bulbs work, the difference between series and parallel circuits, and that¬† buzzers make a really annoying noise!


After learning about circuits, year 4 had a go at making some doodlebots! We worked as teams, taking turns with different jobs. Once they had been made, we had lots of fun watching them bounce around on the tables. Mr Keegan ad lots of pen to clean off of the tables!


Year 4 were treated to a cricket session with Rhodri from Cricket Wales. He challenged the class to throw and catch whilst clapping, hit wickets and stumps through a hoop, and attempt to hit tennis balls out of the school grounds! We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the session.

Monthly Reading Challenge

Year 4 have started a new “Monthly Reading Challenge”. It is really simple to do – each child has a book mark, and every day they read something, a parent or carer records this by initialling a box. It doesn’t matter what they read; it can be a book, a magazine, Get Epic! a comic, the Newsround Website – anything! As long as it is meaningful and relevant, it counts towards the challenge. Every day, when they bring their bookmark to school, the pupils keep track of how many times they have read something that month and earn Dojo points as they go! The more they read, the more Dojo points they get.

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