Brilliant Balancing in Dosbarth Fir (Year 1)

The children had lots of fun in their gymnastics session this afternoon. We focused on balancing and the children enjoyed learning and practising new skills.

We started the session with a warm up game called ‘Pirate Party’ where the children had to travel around the room and listen for the instructions given to them whilst focusing on their balance. It was a great way to get everyone moving and the children enjoyed the challenge.

The children then spent some time working individually and with a partner to develop different balancing exercises. They explored different balances using different parts of their body, such as their tummy, back, legs, hands and feet. The children showed a lot of determination and focus as they tried out some new balancing techniques and worked brilliantly together.

We ended the session with an activity called ‘sea creature stretch’. The children enjoyed stretching their bodies like starfish, making their bodies long like a dolphin and curling up like a sea urchin. It was a great way to relax and stretch out after our activity.

What a fun afternoon – Da iawn Dosbarth Fir!

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