Children’s Mental Health Week in Year 1

Continuing with our activities supporting Children’s Mental Health this week, the boys and girls have enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Making of Milton’. It is a wonderful story about a child who learns to overcome anxiety, find his inner courage and develop self-confidence. After reading the story, we discussed some of the things that make us worry. The children enjoyed contributing to our discussions and offered some thoughtful ideas and suggestions to their peers of how to overcome their worries.

The children then spent the afternoon creating their very own ‘worry monster’. The idea is that the children write down their worries on a piece of paper and ‘feed’ it to the worry monster who then munches their worries away. The children have created some fantastic worry monsters and can’t wait to bring them home.

The children also took part in lovely, calming mindfulness and yoga session this afternoon which was run by Swansea library. They were introduced to some fantastic techniques that they can use to help them feel calm and relaxed. What a lovely afternoon we all had – well done Year 1!

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