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This week the Year 2s enjoyed using their research skills to learn about how the Earth began. We talked about where Pontlliw is and the children loved using Google Earth to locate our school. We then zoomed out and looked at Swansea, Wales, the UK and finally zoomed right out to look at the shape of the planet. We discussed the colours and what they show us. We then talked about where they think Earth came from. The boys and girls loved discussing information that we read from a non-fiction text, which explained the scientific theory about the formation of Earth. The children then rotated around a range of focused and independent learning activities and used a range of creative, reading, writing and research skills. They used Google earth to independently explore the Earth and lots of children found their homes and other places of interest. The children enjoyed making timelines showing the stages of the formation of the Earth. The children also decided that they wanted to make detailed paintings of the Earth, and they used close observation skills, looking at the shape and position of the various continents. We had a lot of fun learning about our planet, and soon we will be learning about how it has changed over time.

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