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On Tuesday, the Year 2 children spent the day working their way through a variety of challenges as part of Safer Internet Day 2019. The children started by listening to and discussing a story, which made them think about how we should be respectful to others when online. They then worked on an activity which helped them to see how we are all connected to each other, and how one comment online can then be seen by lots of other people who are connected to other people that they know. The children set up a class kindness tree, which made them celebrate kindness in class, and they discussed the importance of being kind online. The children enjoyed making digital footprints, and were amazed to discover that they leave a trail when they click on various websites. The children also worked outside on an emotion compass activity, during which they discussed various scenarios linked to internet safety, and the related emotions. The children also enjoyed discussing ways that they can stay safe online, and cam up with some fantastic suggestions for each other. What a busy, but fun-filled and informative day we had!

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