Year 1: Our Brilliant Blue Planet

Today, the Year 1 children were visited by Chris Woodridge, a research fellow at Cardiff University and Science co-ordinator for the European Sea Ports Association. He came in to talk to the children about our amazing Blue Planet and the wonderful life that lives under the sea. The children were amazed by the information and the images and facts that he shared – did you know that turtles can hold their breath under water for 5 hours?!?

Chris also brought in his scuba diving equipment for the children to look at to and try on. They couldn’t believe the amount of equipment you need to wear while diving and how heavy it was! The children were also treated to an ‘original’ diving helmet that they all had a go of wearing. Since the diving helmet was made from copper, the boys and girls needed a little help to hold it on their shoulders – why don’t you take a look at some of the photos!

Thank you Chris for such a fun, informative morning – the children had a fantastic time!

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