Fishy Fun in Year 1

The boys and girls have had so much fun tasting and exploring different fish today. We started the day by joining an online ‘rock pooling’ session where they found out about the different sea life that live on our shoreline. It was very interesting and the boys and girls found out lots of new facts.

The children then took part in some observational drawings of different fish which included a crab, king prawn, octopus and a rainbow trout. They paid close attention to the colours and detail on the fish and drew some fantastic pictures.

They also enjoyed tasting some different seafood, such as cockles, prawns, laver bread, salmon sandwiches and crab sticks. They were all so adventurous at trying the food and the cockles went down a treat!

We then used Mr. Williams expertise who showed us how to prepare fresh fish – the children were really enthralled by the whole process.

A fun day had by all, well done Year 1!

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