In Pontlliw Primary school we have 3 committees in which our Governors play an important role in overseeing. These are a;
  • Leadership and Management Committee
  • Care, Support and Guidance Committee.
  • Teaching and Learning Committee.

Our School Governors:

Chair :- Mr Ian Humphreys (LAC/ Safeguarding/ Leadership & Management Committee/ Teaching & Learning Committee)
Vice-Chair :- Mr. D Mathias (Health & Safety/ Leadership & Management Committee)
Headteacher :- Mrs. A. Norman
Teacher Representatives :- Mrs. L. Evans (Teaching and Learning Committee)
Staff Representative :- Mrs. R. Stonham (Teaching and Learning Committee)

Parent Governors:

Mrs C Greenslade (Teaching and Learning Committee)
Mrs S. Brown (ALN/ Care, Support and Guidance Committee)
Mr G Jones (Digital Learning/ Leadership & Management Committee)
Mrs L Wells (Well-being/ Care, Support and Guidance Committee)
Community Governors :- Mr D Philips (Leadership and Management Committee)
LEA Governors :- Mrs. M. Taylor (Care, Support and Guidance Committee)
Clerk to Governors :- Mrs. E. Bawden