Fun with Fairy Tales in Dosbarth Ash.

The children had their first day finding out about Fairy Tales!

Dosbarth Ash dressed in their pyjamas, brought their teddies and their favourite Fairy Tale book to share with their friends.

The children began the day with activities on our first Fairy Tale ’The Gingerbread Man’… they told the story and then changed some of the characters to make it a silly story. One of our groups changed the fox for a hamster at the end of the story!

The children had the chance to create their own Fairy tale character, make a Fairy Cake and then the afternoon was filled with Music as the children used ’Music Lab’ to create their own Gingerbread character sound.

Finally the children sat together and shared their stories, they told each other why their stories were special to them and what their favourite parts were.

What a great day… Dwirnod anhygoel!

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