Who Inspires You?

To develop our extended writing skills we will be focusing on creative writing during World Book Day with the guidance and advice from The Fonz. We will also be entering his competition of ‘Sparking the idea in 100 words’. Entries for each story idea will be read by Henry Winkler and the winner will be used as an inspiration to one of his new books.
We joined Mr Stonham’s class and 1000s of children across the world this afternoon with a Skype call to Henry Winkler, to listen to him talk about his Hank Zipzer books. We found out that Henry is dyslexic and was actually in the bottom 3% of his class while at school. Despite these difficulties he has succeeded by becoming a world famous actor and author! An amazing story. We listened to tips on how to write interesting and successful stories to help us improve our writing.

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