Empathy Day In Nursery
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The nursery children have been very busy this morning participating in range of different activities to develop their empathy skills.They played a sorting game where they had to look at different pictures and say how they thought the person was feeling. They discussed why they could be feeling that way and if there was anything they could do to make them feel better. They used Mr and Mrs Potato Head to act out different scenarios and then discussed the effect this would have on others. They played a game where they had to act out an emotion and their friends had to guess how they were feeling. After listening to a short story, they discussed how the characters felt and sang a relevant nursery rhyme to empathise with them  They also made a picture of Humpty Dumpty and discussed how he felt at the beginning of the rhyme and how he felt when he fell off the wall. They talked about how they felt when they were hurt and how they they could help Humpty Dumpty feel better. They suggested sticking him back together and putting a plaster on him.

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