Curriculum Council 22-23!

 Meeting Notes

15/09/22- Meeting 1:

  • Introduced the Curriculum Council.
  • Chose a chair person (LJ) and vice-chair person (JD)
  • BM will be the first half term secretary to keep minutes and record important information. 

22/09/22- Meeting 2:

  • Discussed our mission statement.
  • We came up with lots of ideas that will be written in to our mission statement.

29/09/22- Meeting 3:

  • We made a list of things we might like to review in school.

This included:

  • How the tuck shop works.
  • How we look after and respect the equipment.
  • Sports ambassadors.
  • How break times work.
  • How we organize ourselves.
  • Playground buddies.

18/10/22- Meeting 4:

  • Register taken.
  • Looked at the home learning policy and discussed points and next steps.

27/10/22- Meeting 5:

  • Register taken.
  • Looked at food and fitness policy. 
  • We will change the policy as we go through.
  • Policy 8.2 will be taken out .
  • We got up to paragraph 12.