World Book Day in Reception.

Reception celebrated World Book Day in style! First of all they arrived in school with as their favourite character some even brought their favourite book!

Then it was to work…. the children were so lucky! They had a visit from Helen Docherty the author of ‘The Snatchabook’. The children sat and listened to Helen and the Snatchabook tell the story and they even had the chance to join in and act it out!
Helen then showed the children how to draw the Snatchabook, they listened beautifully!

After Helen had finished the children completed some more World Book Day activities:

A Wanted Poster, to find the Snatchabook. A Roll on the Wall, to talk about the character and an Amazing Adjectives activity, the children had to find the adjectives in the book.

It was an amazing day, and thanks to Helen and Thomas Docherty for visiting our school and telling us their wonderful stories!

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