Feeling the Love in Year 2!
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Today the Year 2 children were feeling the love, as they completed lots of Valentine’s Day themed activities. We started off by listening to and discussing the story of St. Valentine. The children then used their speaking and listening skills well, participating in group discussions about how to be a good or bad friends. They came up with lots of fantastic ideas for showing our friends that we care. The children then improved their fine motor skills, using cutting, punching and threading skills to create Valentine’s hearts for the front of their Valentine’s cards. The children came up with lovely reasons about why they love the recipients of their cards, and used their writing skills to good effect. The children used lots of maths skills throughout the day. We completed some data collection, with the children voting for their favourite Valentine symbol. The children recorded the votes using tallying, created pictograms on Hwb and then interrogated the data, answering lots of questions which required them to use their addition and subtraction skills. Finally, the children learned about how heating and cooling affects some materials, through making delicious chocolate cakes to take home as a treat for someone they love. What a fun-filled day where the children used and developed so many skills! Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

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