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Solar System Scavenger Hunt.

This afternoon, as part of our topic entry, pupils were sent on a scavenger hunt. They needed to look around the whole school to locate the answers to the space related questions. (Sorry if I haven’t taken a picture of your child – they were running too fast for me to capture 😂) Continue reading

World Book Day Celebrations

Today pupils have had such a fun day today celebrating World Book Day. Our focus author was J.K Rowling, we wrote biography’s, book reviews and read stories to each other. We ev n had PE as various character. That was wonderful to witness! Continue reading

Genius Gymnasts

Year 5 and 6 have been busy developing their balance and team work skills. They were set the challenge to recreate the balance included on the task sheet. Pupils worked extremely well, not only with their gymnastic skills but also their communicative skills. Each group also developed their digital skills by photographing the balance. Next week they will evaluate their performance using our own blog and suggest next steps for pupils to improve their performance. Continue reading

An EGGcellent idea!!!

As part of our PE session (running around like mad) the pupils went on an Easter egg hunt. The adult in the class had hidden the eggs so well that she’d even forgotten where they were hidden! We did manage to find them all (eventually). We then sat in a circle to given an egg to who we felt was deserving of it…. And guess what… We all had a tasty egg to eat as a treat for all of the energy we’d used trying to find them. Continue reading