Exploring colour in Dosbarth Fir

We have been looking at colour in Dosbarth Fir (Year 1). We studied the work of Swansea born artist, Kathryn Le Grice, and in preparation for the Eisteddfod, the children created their own artwork using colours that are near to each other on a colour wheel. Following this, we looked at and compared the work of the French artist, Henri Matisse, instead focusing on his use of contrasting colour. They then had the choice of using geometric shapes or organic shapes to create their own collages and used their knowledge of the colour wheel to ensure that they used contrasting colours. The pupils also enjoyed building on their understanding of colour mixing to create their own colour wheels. They loved taking part in their missions; using coloured shapes to make images in the style of Matisse, finding items in the sand to create a colour wheel, mixing coloured water to create colours and using the computers to create images and play games linked to colours in Welsh. Ardderchog Dosbarth Fir!

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