Year 1 WRU Challenge!

Year 1 have had lots of fun today undertaking a WRU themed learning task. To start we had a special message off an international rugby player telling us all about our activity for today, which linked to our big question ‘Where in the World Am I?’.

We started off by looking at all of the flags of countries from around the world. We spoke about what we had learnt about each country so far and what countries we were going to be visiting next. The children really enjoyed sharing all of the interesting facts that they knew about different places.

We then had to create bunting for the class that represented all of the different countries and flags that we had explored. Each pupil was assigned a different flag to base their decoration on.

The children also enjoyed designing their own rugby jerseys, which were again, based on different flags and countries that we have studied.

Da iawn Year 1!

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