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The Year 2 children have been working very hard on a project set for them by Santa. Earlier in the term, Santa sent the children a letter asking for their help, as there had been a power cut in the North Pole. The children came up with an investigation which would help them to find the most suitable candle to send to Santa, which would allow the elves to work for longer in the dark so they could make more toys in time for Christmas. Out of the candles tested, the children discovered that the pillar candle would be the most suitable. The children then left the candle next to our class elf door, and our class elf, Figgy Jingle, took it back to the North Pole for Santa. We also each emailed Santa to inform him of our findings. A few days later, Mrs. Claus wrote to us explaining that the candle had been knocked over, so they needed our help with designing and making candle jars. The children came up with some excellent, festive designs before making their jars. Each one was unique, and the children did a fantastic job. Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

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