Anti Bullying Week in Year 1

This week is anti-bullying week and the theme is ‘One Kind Word’. The boys and girls have completed a range of activities linked to kindness and have enjoyed talking about all the ways in which they can be kind to each other.

We also created a friendship pie where the children needed to think about what it meant to be a good friend. They then used these ideas and turned them into a list of ingredients for our friendship pie – we had some amazing suggestions, such as a jug of kindness and a pinch of fun!

The children also completed an activity called ‘Helping Hands’. We began by thinking of kind words to describe each other such as polite, helpful and brave. The children then drew around their own hands and wrote a kind word on each finger.

After all of our activities this week, the children now have a better understanding of how our kind words can help someone else, help us as a class and help around our school and community. Well done Year 1, we are very proud of you all.

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