Our purpose is to …

  • Help pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and governors with digital tools and help them to keep them safe online by setting a good example

This year, we aim to …

  • Keep everyone safe online at school and at home
  • To teach people how to search for information correctly
  • To help people understand how to work from home if they need to.


Chair Person – Oscar

Vice Chair – Ashton

Secretaries – Megan and Joseph


Meeting Notes

Week 5

  • We have started making another video for working at home. It is for J2e5 and Jit5. We will record our voices next week and create the finished video in iMovie.

Week 3 and 4

  • We recorded our screen, showing how to access and submit an assignment as well as how to join a call in Microsoft Teams. We then recorded our instructions and put them together in iMovie.

Week 2

  • Today we spoke about How we will help people to learn from home and Blended learning. We set this as our Autumn focus to ensure we are ready if any classes need to self isolate. We will make a YouTube video about this.   

Week 1

  • We discussed our goals and who would be The Chair, The Vice Chair & The Secretary. Also, we spoke about keeping Pupils, Parents, Grandparents, Staff and Governors safe online.